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About Ariana Afghanistan TV
Ariana Afghanistan Television has been the premiere source of Afghan related local and international news since 1989, primarily serving the Afghan community in the United States. On July 1, 2006, we expanded our coverage by initiating the first 24 hour broadcast to North America , Europe , the Middle East , and Asia. This is an exciting time for us as we provide an even broader medium for communication and exchange for the entire international community; connecting Afghans with the world.

Our aim is to give a voice to what is commonly misperceived as a silent culture that has been the victim of guns and warlords for nearly 30 years. We want to expose the intelligence, tenacity and warm hearted spirit of the Afghan people to the world. We want to show the world that despite the decades of adversity, Afghans are not victims, they are survivors. The intent of this broadcast is to undo the many years of harm imposed upon Afghanistan by providing a voice for change. History has taught us that positive change can not flourish without a voice, we are determined in being the source of this voice. We join the rest of the open-minded, progressive and patriotic Afghans around the world in working to pave the way for Afghanistan ís bright future. Some of our current objectives include promoting democracy and ensuring that the values of dignity, equality and justice are incorporated into this infant democratic process. We specifically want to highlight the involvement of women in all spheres of political, economic and social life. Our coverage will allow us to bring about positive social change through dialogue, debate, and education.

This medium of communication will reach families in the most remote parts of Afghanistan . This access gives us the opportunity to educate and guide the people of Afghanistan towards a new, positive social and political direction; thereby fighting fundamentalism and terrorism in all different forms. Many of these Afghans have never been out of their country and have never had access to education while living in the rural areas of Afghanistan . The se people are the most susceptible to being conditioned and falling into the trap of terrorist groups. We intend on using this medium to provide all Afghans, near and far, with the power education, and the understanding of freedom and social justice.

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